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...the shyGirl adventures...
one unsatisfied married woman's jurney in the online sex dating world

Well, first of all you should know that I am a really shy
person. Really. Maybe this is why it took me so long to
set myself free (at least sexually). Even with all the
things that happened to me in the last couple of weeks,
I'm still blushing a little as I'm writing this down,
this being so not me. Or at least not the "me" I
was used to be.

David (my husband) is the traveling, absent husband.
You've all heard of these - men who's work consists of
frequent travels in and outside the country, visiting
home for a couple of days every now and then, leaving
their poor little wife (that's me) financially well
taken-care of, but otherwise frustrated.

My adventure started on one of these nights when David
left home for another trip, this time to Europe, leaving
me with a ton of laundry and a heated-up, then
cooled-down pussy - a quick "fuck" that mainly consisted
of him getting off in like 3 seconds, hurrying to catch
the plane, and leaving me as horny as hell, lonely in our
nice, big, expensive, empty house...

Well I'm not quite an internet junky or anything, as a
matter of fact even this blog is handled technically by a
friend of mine (you can read her site here - don't be
alarmed, she's a really nice girl...). But I remembered a
site someone told me about in a recent girl-party I went
to (nothing interesting happened, damn girls can be soo
boring sometimes...).

This site, AdultFriendFinder, is like a HUGE directory of
people looking for sexual encounters, no strings
attached. Well, I logged on for the first time, and I was
shocked - I have NEVER surfed to any porn or sex site
before, and the pictures on the main page just made me
immediately shy.

And feeling guilty for my dirty thoughts.

And excited as hell.

I played with the dilemma for a few minutes - should I
sign up, should I just quit and go do the laundry or
something? What's the worst that can happen? Am I unfaithful
to David by just LOOKING at this site? Am I not entitled
to some fun, a laugh, even a peek into other people's
secret lives?

My fingers actually trembled as I clicked. The house was
dark, I knew I was alone, but still I kept looking behind
my shoulders, just terrified of being caught in the act.

But I couldn't, absolutely couldn't resist the
temptation. I was there, alone, my body sweating, my
pussy tickling with expectation, and I logged in.

This was already some time ago, but I can still feel the
excitement of the first time. This was like unraveling a
whole new world of secret, dirty, extremely sensual

And I thought I'd just play with those possibilities as a
form of a fantasy, of what-would-have-happened-if kind of

But what if your fantasy suddenly fulfils itself? What if
YOU have the power to make it happen? Will I have what it
takes to make the decision to claim my right to
sexual-fulfillment in life? Or will I remain the shyGirl
that I always was?

And to believe all of this was just a mouse-click away
from me, all that time...

shyGirl at 6:04 AM

Well, ahem…hello? Testing, 1 2 3… anyone? I’m really not so
sure why I’m doing this thing that I’m doing right now –
telling the whole wide world of the naughty things that I’ve been
doing… This is just asking to be caught, isn’t it? Well, I
don’t really have a logical explanation to this, but… I just
to do this. I guess this would be a way to control the guilty feelings
I might otherwise be getting…

This whole thing started by a really (fortunate? You decide later ;o) accident,
followed by a wild, Wild adventure that opened the Pandora’s
Box that was my sexuality until recently. But more on that later. For now,
the important things to lay on the table are these:

1. Yes, I’m married. It’s been almost 4 years now,
so I guess I gave my chances when I should have.

2. Yes, I love my husband
David. Maybe you won’t believe me now – off course, how dare I say
that? – but I do. This is not at all about love. There is no other man or
woman I would like to grow old with. This is about… well, sex. There,
I’ve said it.

3. I’m not going to make things look prettier than
they are, I’m not going to give you the “guilt-ridden self-pitying
woman” thing. No way. I’m going to tell it to you the way it
happens, with all the wet n’ dirty details. Only this way you can
hopefully feel what I’m feeling and participate in my adventures.

Ok, enough said for now. I’m going to hold my breath for a little to gather
my courage, and tell you how it all started.

Wish me luck ;o)

shyGirl at 6:41 AM

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