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...the shyGirl adventures...
one unsatisfied married woman's jurney in the online sex dating world

Well, the week without David advances and still no sex for me... :(

I'm currently "messaging" (is that how you call it when you exchange messages on websites?) with two different men - one which I found on Local G-Spot (which I told you about last week), and one from AdultMatchDoctor, which is a new site I'm trying for the first time. What's with some of you men out there that you take so long to set a sex-date? Don't you want to fuck me? Sorry for being so unpolite and blunt, but come on! I signed up on these websites for that specific reason, you don't have to court me or message me ten times - just say when, where and what to wear, and I'm there! (some cool rhymes I got there, don't you think?)
Anyway I can't wait to get some heat in this lonely week, so I'm going to log on now and put my foot down - Whoever is the quickest to respond get my pussy! Isn't that a nice prize?

I'll tell you who won tommorrow...
shyGirl at 8:46 AM

Good morning! I just returned from the airport, driving hubby to another business trip that will leave me alone for a week... :(

I didn't have a chance to write in the past couple of days, David was all around the house all weekend, and I couldn't really find a private moment, but now... now I'm all awake from the long drive and I still owe you the details on my first adventure.

Well, as I already told you before, a friend of mine told me about this website where you can find thousands of people looking for some good sex in every possible city. After I logged into this site, I thought I'd just have some fun seeing how real this really is. I popped a search for a man in my area and...

... I was quite shocked.

I mean, there were literally hundreds of men there, all with sexy pictures of them (I getting shy again just talking about it... you have to understand, I told you I married young, so I never really saw another man's cock before...) - this was very embarrassing, but still, very exciting! I just clicked the "next" button again and again, playing with myself and fantasizing about the virtual possibilities before me - maybe I'll fuck this guy? or... maybe this one? Hell, why not both? You see that I was a little lightheaded, but finally, almost as if by mistake, I "found" myself on the page of some really sexy man, a little older than me, flirting with my mouse around the "send message" button...

This man had a very inviting picture in his page. You could see he was confident, you could read in his text descriptions that he is intelligent (which I like), and the best thing - he had one picture that left me stunned: I never knew such a big cock even existed!

Oh boy... I was still hovering around this button like it was a clit. Decision time, shyGirl... I looked around me, so as if to make sure I was indeed alone. I was sweating a little from the excitement, knowing that I really, really wanted to do this. I told myself I deserve this. I deserve to be sexually satisfied in my life. Right? This is not about love, I told you before. This is about flesh. and sweat.

Well, fuck it. I clicked.

I'll skip the technicalities - I'll just mention we exchanged messages for maybe 2 days until we set a meeting place and time. This being my first time at this, I didn't even know that this is considered a long wait to get laid... ;-) But these two days passed-on quickly and before I knew it, I was about to cheat for the first time in my life.

Off course I was nervous. Off course I felt guilty. Off course, as you might expect, I was horny as hell. I just couldn't keep my mind off this all day long, my pussy was throbbing with anticipation. I even masturbated (that's a lame word, isn't it?) two times in a row instead of washing the house... I was ready.

I can't as of yet describe in detail what went on between us - maybe I have to open up a little more before I'm able to do this - but I can say it was fabulous. So good it was an eye-opening experience that convinced me once and for all that there is a lot of pleasure out there, and all I have to do is pick it.

I was nervous at first but when we went on I was like the wild animal that I could never be with David - he'd think of me as a slut if I was so sexually open with him like I was with this complete stranger - but I wanted more of these feelings. I wanted more of these earthquaking orgasms. I wanted to try more men, more adventures, more more more!

My Pandora's Box has been opened...

And now, after telling you all of this, I'm going to try a new site I found, which I heard is also home to some sexy, kinky people. That's
Local G-Spot (ain't that a funny name?), and try to make the best out of this week.

I'll share my adventures from this site in my next post.

Bye for now ;-)
shyGirl at 5:34 AM

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