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09/07/2003 - 09/14/2003
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...the shyGirl adventures...
one unsatisfied married woman's jurney in the online sex dating world

Damn, these were some exhausting days I've just gone through...
I told you about my little "sex-competition" I ran between these two guys I've been messaging with - one guy, whom I contacted through Local G-Spot, was this somewhat-older-than-me guy who wanted to get kinky and try new things, and, well, ummmm.... so do I!
The other one was a young man (can you even call a 19-year old guy a man? Well, read on and you'll find out...) - apparantly he was on the rebound from his college sports-teacher (can you believe this? this guy must be some stud, right?). This guy contacted me through AdultMatchDoctor, he lives like 5-minutes from me and just wanted to fuck a married woman (is that a common fetish for you guys? ;-))
Well, I told you I was going to challenge these guys to a "first-come-first-serve" little private contest, hopefully supplying me with some entertainment in this lonely week until David returns from his trip. Well...
To tell you the truth, I seceretly wanted the older guy to win this - he wanted to try some pretty exciting things that little shyGirl has never tried before in her life... I know I'm pretty old-fashioned, but I really never tried anal, or 69, or any of these things I secretly read about on the Internet (or my well-experienced friend tells me about...) My David is such a great guy and partner for life, but when it comes to sex... well, he's pretty stuck-up, and as I'm just now beginning to learn, there are so many possibilities to please your body! Hhmm, I thought to myself, will anal heart as I'm afraid it would? Is a man licking your private parts really as good as they say? I was blushing just from the mere thoughts... I could never ask David to do these things to me, I couldn't look in his eyes without thinking what he might think of me... so, my only option, really, is to try and experience these new things with other, more open people, no strings attached. Right?
Anyway, the first to respond to my message was H., the young guy from AdultMatchDoctor. Keeping true to my promise, I set a meeting with him in his house (oh, how I hoped he doesn't live with his parents or anything...), thinking to myself - "ok, let's see how advanced the youger generation has got in the few years since I was under 20...", feeling that because I was the older one, that I was also the controlling one, and in a way this excited me... I was always playing "the woman" in my sex life with my husband, and I never tried to be the leading one. I decided to use this stroke of fate to try and do this for once, and see how I like it. I will fuck this young boy, and I will take what I need from him, until I'm satisfied, and then... I'll just go!
In the short amount of messages we exchanged I learned that H. was really into messy, sweaty sex, so I decided to surprise him - since his house was really in my neighbourhood, I decided to jog to his house, and just give him the sweaty, salty, slippery fuck of his dreams. And I did!
I jogged to his house wearing my very short training outfit, no panties and no bra underneath the tank-top. It took me about 15 minutes to get to his house, but I didn't even break sweat by then (I'm in pretty good shape ;-)) - so I just turned back and did the whole round again... fashionably late (he probably thought I wasn't going to show up), I rang his doorbell. He didn't even get a chance to open the door fully when I jumped in, pushing him inside holding his cock through his boxers (thick, short, nice...), and improvised my way to his couch - damn am I naughty sometimes!
He was totally surprised, but my attitude and my sweaty naked body just got him excited as hell (not so short after all...) and he just lay there, enjoying himself as I sucked him and licked his body and just sat on his cock violently, fucking and fucking feverishly, until I had maybe 3 orgasms - then I let him cum, just to show him the nice girl that I am... ;-D
He didn't even get a chance to catch his breath after this sex-storm, and I was just... well, gone!
I jogged back home with the most silly smile on my face (you can imagine, 3 orgasms! Where was that in the last 5 years?) - I got back home, took a looong, soothing shower and got back to doing David's laundry...
Nice work for a day, right?
You can't imagine what these adventures are doing to me mentally - I feel so free! so satisfied! so excited with life again, not knowing what might wait for me around the next turn! This is what was missing in my ordinary life all these years - I am ashamed to say, but yes - sex, sex and more sex! Who would have believed it about me, little shyGirl, who was never sexier than a polar bear... opening up like this... I love my new adventurous self!
For the remaining of the week I'm going to try a new site (for me...) - Fun Loving Wives. H. told me that he is listed there and that it's completely filled with people from around here that are looking for discreet encounters. He says they even set up a party that turned to be a very hot one in no time! Sounds like another thing little shyGirl hasn't tried...
shyGirl at 9:07 AM

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