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...the shyGirl adventures...
one unsatisfied married woman's jurney in the online sex dating world

Just something really cool I found... I came across this lovely sexy Cartoon site. And it got me thinking - why is this kind of thing so sexy to us?
Well, I think I have the answer. Maybe, because we know it's not real humans fucking, we don't need to attach an actual face and figure to the men and women participating, thus making the "fantasy" in our head come to life more easily, and enabling us to see the cartoon figures as whoever we want them to be.
Nice thought, huh? In this form of erotica, you can have a cock as large as you want, and the woman as smooth-skinned as you desire, and just let yourself go without the limitation of human physics, looks or ethnics... Well, I don't know about you, but I like it!
I put thw link to this site also above, in my "favorite links" section, so you can visit it often as I do...
Love and a happy weekend!
shyGirl at 6:53 AM

HI everyone! At last I can have some time alone and tell you about some really crazy stuff that I've been doing!
Well, for the last week or so, my husband David was at home almost all day long. He just got a temporary leave from his job (I really do hope it's only temporary. After all - I have pretty high standards of living...), and was walking around the house nervous, or bored, or horny, or whatever. The point is me and David have had more sex this week than we have had for years. It was like when we were teenagers all over again...
I'm saying this not particularly in a positive way, because this week also reminded me more than anything how bad my sex life with him is - when I was a teenager and he was my first and only one - I thought that's ok and learned not to expect more of it. But now? After the few, yet eye-opening adventures I've been through in the last couple of months? No way! I was only left horny and desparate for good sex time after time, and trying something when he is around is just not smart, right?
So two days ago I just couldn't take it anymore. I made up some excuse about how I have to visit my mother, and planned a two-day trip to her city, which is a 2-hour flight from ours. Off course, I didn't forget to arrange a little "entertainment" for my stay beforehand...
This time I knew I was looking for something that could be arranged quick, so I sticked to Find a new lover, which I find to be a good place to score fast, and with so many users registered that I was sure to find someone from that specific city. And did I ever!
This was a special treatment, and well appropriate for my new-experiences quest. I contacted what came to be a couple of unbelievably handsome people, who wanted to fulfil a very specific fantasy - the wife wanted to see her husband with another woman, but not participate in the action. Well, aparantly they were turned down by a handful of women who wanted a bi-sexual experience, so after I sent them my picture (did I mention I am a fabulous sexy beast? ;-)), they were all enthusiastic and wanted to do this right away, which was fine by me...
I arrived to this city a couple of hours earlier than I told my mother, so I just drove straight to the couple's house. I was a private house in a really nice neighborhood, so I had all the confidence that they were nice people and, honestly, I was already dripping wet on the way, not knowing how I would feel about having this guy's wife looking at me while I suck her husband's cock and all, but hell, I couldn't wait to just try and see!
When I arrived, we sat and chatted for a while in their living room, had a couple of (expensive!) drinks, and I was starting to feel a little lightheaded, so after seeing the time, I just went down to business! I just suddently stood up, dropped my dress to the floor completely (panties and bra tucked away in my car's glove compartment), walked up to the woman, took her by the hand and led her to the sofa in front of us. She was a little nervous, but I could tell she was excited no less than I was. I knew she didn't want to be touched so I just sat her over there where she can watch every little dirty thing I was going to do to her man, and turned to face him. He was a little aw-struk (did I mention I am etc. etc. etc. lol), so just had to take the lead to get things going. I dropped on my knees in front of him and opened his pants with my bare teeth (don't try this at home, kids!). I took his cock out. Looked straight in the eyes of his loving wife... and sucked his cock so hard he just couldn't keep his mouth shut. As he was moaning from a blowjob his wife probably never even got close to giving him, I saw in the corner of my eye that she was all about this shit! she was fingering herself like a machine!
This is the time to remind you that I have never seen a woman like this in my life! The nearest thing for me was watching the girls at school showering after gym class, but being the shyGirl that I am, I almost always found some excuse to be last and shower all alone. So now there was this beautiful young woman just ten feet away from me, naked to the bone and fingering herself like crazy! This was so new to me, and in a way, even more exciting! I just sucked this man so hard until he just couldn't hold on and exploded in my mouth. And then, I did the most crazy thing yet... oh my god, I can't write these words... well, I just kept his... cum in my mouth, walked over to his wife, and kissed her! I passed all the stuff to her mouth, and I just have to take the credit for this being the trigger to her coming maybe the hardest she have ever came before, screaming and scratching and all that jazz. Pretty nice, huh?
Well, after that I had to get my own interests taken care of, so I let this guy lick me all the way to the end, his wife still watching (maybe she never let him do this to her, because he was really eager about this... my profit lol), and than we just had some coffee to get ourselves together, and I left. My mother never quite got her finger on the reason for that huge smile on my face when I met her later, and I now have some new friends which I think might add to the amount of times I will feel the need to pay a homely visit to my dear, dear mother....

shyGirl at 12:05 PM

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