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...the shyGirl adventures...
one unsatisfied married woman's jurney in the online sex dating world

Hi there fellas! Haven't posted in quite a time, but I assure you I had pretty good reasons... I was in Hawaii!!
I know, I know... you must be reading this, picturing me running topless on some magical beach, only my orange thong bathing suit caressing my little cute ass... well, to tell you the truth, it's not that far from the truth!
I think I may have taken the next big step in my short (yet intensive) history of wild sexual adventures (well, at least they are wild to me, you know... I am, after all, shyGirl...). And it goes like this:
A few weeks ago, my hubby David told me he has a really big businness trip coming up, in which he will be absent for at least two weeks. He was supposed to go to Russia or something of the sort, and would probably have trouble reaching me by phone from where he is planned to stay. So, he thought he'd teach me (ha ha ha) how to use an Email so we can communicate while he's gone. Well, offcourse I played the computer-phobic chick game to the full, making sure he still believes I can't tell a mouse from a rat, so he left without much confidence that we will be able to get this thing going... (another safety measure to make sure he never finds out about this blog...)
Well, one week and two lousy sexual encounters later (well, lousy for me, he quite anjoyed it I believe...), I was all alone!
It wasn't even long enough for him to buy me my favorite perfume at the duty-free shops at the terminal when I was multi-messaging on all of the sites I'm listed in (just take a quick look at the link on the left, just to get the feeling of how horny I was...), trying to set myself up with some big adventure!!!
And did I...
At first I thought this would be something of the regular encounters I already had in the past, and about which I have told you about. But as I was getting HUGE amounts of messages back (I believe this blog is getting very popular lately, and people seem to know me when I contact them...), I was suddently presented with the opportunity of a lifetime - an older, filthy rich man, planning a business trip to Hawaii for a week, invites me to accompany him to the royal suite at a 5-star hotel, all expenses paid, and spend my days tanning at the beach and my nights fucking like a rabbit...!
To tell you the truth, as much as I was surprised and tempted by this idea, I was very nervous about this. I mean, this is no quick encounter with some nice guy, a swift sexual pleasure and back to anonymity... this was, like... far away! And dangerous! And I could get caught! And this is so daring! And I was SO WET just to think about the possibilities!
Well, it took me another two days to decide, but after some time I just told to myself: "shyGirl, this is exactly the kind of unthinkable adventure you'd never even think about in your normal life... so that's the more reason to just do it!".
And I did.
Yes, I was scared. Yes, I was putting my entire life, marriage and prosperity in danger. But I just couldn't resist. Would I have ever seen Hawaii, or had such an exciting timr with my husband? Or would I just keep doing his laundry day after day after night?
But I had my condition: We had to meet, face to face, before that. I just had to make sure I'm not going to end up doing something I'd regret dearly for the rest of my life.
Well, I messaged him through Find a New Lover, and we sat a meeting at a local spa, to get a two-hour massage and hot mineral bath together (isn't he creative? I mean, it's a whole lot sexier than the local sleazy motel...). I went very good. We had a wonderful Swedish massage and the hot bath got a whole lot hotter pretty soon... I think that when our time was up the workers there didn't even hurry us up with all the noises that came out of that bathroom... he payed the extra time... lol.
When the day came, I packed with so much excitement and enthusiasm I forgot to take extra panties for the stay and also my toothbrush. I bought a new toothbrush at the airport. As for the panties... well, who needs them anyway?
The suite was unbelievable. We had the Ocean's view side and a HUGE bed, and a private beach (which we made our own nudist corner pretty soon), and cocktails all day long and what not, you name it. I have never had anything like that in my entire life, and mind you, I am not some poor girl that gets blinded by the shine of money. No sir, but this was out of my league completely.
And this man... I mean, you just had to see him running with me naked on that beach... ALL the girls and woman were staring, I could tell... He was big, man! And what's more, he knew how to use it! I know how all you men like to get your cock sucked (did I just say that? I'm blushing...), but I almost choked on this guy... I was a new experience for me (my David is quite small, I'm slowly learning).
After three nights of complete wickedness, he had a surprise for me. I just got out of the shower, getting ready to satisfy and be satisfied (isn't it funny that the more you do it, the more you want? Or is it just me who doesn't get tired of sex?), when I saw him sitting on the large leather sofa in the suite's hall, all naked and ready, and a beautiful, makes-me-jealous gorgeous young brunette sitting on the floor in front of him and giving a slow, relaxed blowjob. At first I was a little shocked. Even though I told you about my experience with the married couple a few weeks ago, I still find it hard to accept a naked, horny woman near me, sharing a man together...
I hesitated, then decided I'd play along. He said he arranged to meet this girl through Adult Friend Finder, and that he thought that it would be fun to share our excitement and adventures together.
I decided to participate up to some point, but then just sat watching them go at it full-blast, playing with myself. When they finished and I haven't quite yet, they gave me a hand (and tongue, and dick, and... you get the point... lol).
So in the end, I didn't even touch the other woman, but I must say it made me a bit curious about how that would be. I don't think I am quite ready yet but maybe I'm just getting used to the fantasy.... Licking pussy? hmmmm.... that could be.... adventurous! Maybe in time I'll try that.
Well, the week passed and I'm back home. David will be here tommorrow so I'm taking the time to write this and to arrange the house so it'll look like I was here all along... He'll just blame my "pathetic" computer-skills for not answering his Emails all that time, but I can't see any reasin this should pose any other problems... oh yeah, I should contact the "man" on Find a New Lover to say thank you... my pussy is still soaring from his "adventure week"...
See you next time!
shyGirl at 10:14 AM

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